Sudoku: Rules and Basics

How to Play Solitaire:

Step 1. Set Up

In Solitaire, there are 4 types of piles: The Tableau, The Stock, The Talon, and The Foundations.

Step 2. The Tableau

The Tableau consist of 7 piles. The first pile has 1 card. The second pile has 2 cards. The third pile has 3 cards and so on until there are 7 piles. Only the top card in each pile is faced up.

Step 3. The Stock

The remaining cards after building the Tableau are called the Stock

Step 4. The Talon

The Talon is a pile of 3 cards from the Stock. In the Talon, only the top card is faced up.

Step 4. The Foundations

The Foundations consist of 4 stacks of cards (one for each suit) in ascending order (Ace to King). At the beginning of the game, The Foundations is empty.

How to Play

In Tableau, face-up cards are transferred in descending order (King to Ace) and alternating colors. Players can transfer the top card or face-up pile to any pile in an attempt to create a sequence of descending and alternating colors. The blank spaces in Tableau may be full of kings. If the player cannot move any cards in Tableau, select 3 cards from the top of the Stock pile to form a claw. If you cannot use the first card of Claw, choose 3 more cards from the stock. When the inventory is exhausted, the claws are readjusted to form a new inventory, and the process continues.
When players sort Tableau, players are also trying to build a Foundation stack. The top card from the Talon or Tableau stack can be transferred to the foundation. When all the cards are transferred to the Foundation in ascending order (Ace vs. Ace), the game is won. If no further action can be taken and the foundation is incomplete, the game will fail.

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